What is the TurtleCell?

TurtleCell is the first protective smartphone case with built-in, retractable headphones. Our goal was to create the most convenient way of connecting people to their music and overcome the problem of tangled, broken or lost headphones.


What phone models is TurtleCell available for?

TurtleCell is currently available for the iPhone 5 and 5s. We’re currently working on our iPhone 6 model, which will be available Fall 2015, and plan to develop for android phone models in the future.


What material is the TurtleCell made of?

A combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastics for a hard protective structure on the inside with a rubberized textured finish for comfortable grip on the outside.


Is the TurtleCell waterproof?

No, the TurtleCell is not a waterproof case.


Is there a battery in the case?

The TurtleCell for iPhone 5/5s does not feature a battery pack. Buuut… we’ll be launching two iPhone 6 cases, one with and one without power. So if extra charge is something you're looking for in addition to the built-in headphones, just hang tight.


How long will my TurtleCell last?

The integrated retraction mechanism was built to last for at least 2,500 retraction cycles. So unless you’re doing something funky, it’ll last a while.


Can I connect other audio devices to my TurtleCell while it’s on my phone?

Well, yes and no. Our design allows you to connect your phone wirelessly to an audio Bluetooth device while the headphones are disengaged, however to utilize your phone’s audio port to plug in other devices you need to remove your case.


Can I still access the smartphone buttons and charging port?

Yes. The TurtleCell was designed to leave all of your Smartphone’s buttons and ports fully accessible and functional.




Do the headphones have a microphone?

Yes, there is an in-line microphone with full button control. Press once to play and pause music as well as answer and end phone calls, press twice to skip a song ahead or three times to go skip back a song.


Can I use my own headphones?

The TurtleCell requires custom headphones to keep its slim profile so it can only be used with the headphones built inside the case. We’ve worked long and hard to insure the use of high quality headphones with premium sound, deep bass and sound cancelling qualities for the ultimate listening experience so we think you’ll like what you hear.


What if I want to use the phones normal speakers instead of the headphones?

No problem! There is an audio-switch on the lower back right of the case that connects and disconnects the headphones. Press up to engage headphone functionality. Press down to disengaged the headphones to utilize your phone’s speakers.


What happens if I lose the rubber tips for the earbuds?

The TurtleCell packaging comes equipped with 2 extra sets of rubber tips for various ear sizes so keeping these handy would be the quickest and easiest way to get new tips. TurtleCell does fit most standard earbud tips though, so if you have a set you like from another set you can try those. If you need replacement tips, just contact us!


What is the quality of the headphones?

We worked really hard to develop premium quality headphones that exceed our high expectations to deliver great sounding audio and think you’ll really like what you hear. They have deep bass and sound isolating tips for an immersive audio experience.


What if the headphones don’t fit my ears?

In the contents of our packaging we provide three sets of earbud tips (small, medium and large), designed to fit even the most stubborn of ears.





What is the refund policy?

If you purchased your case through our website,, there is a 30 day refund policy. If you purchased through any other source, you must comply with their refund policy.


What is the warranty policy for my TurtleCell?

We provide a limited one-year warranty, meaning if your case is defective we’ll replace it. If you damage the case or headphones from misuse, we won’t be able to replace the device or offer a refund.


How do I get help or support?

For warranty claims, technical questions and returns you can give our customer support team a call or email by going to the bottom of the support page.





Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!


Does the price include sales tax?

The final price will include any applicable sales tax for U.S. customers only.


Does the price include VAT or other duties?

No, you are responsible for all applicable international taxes and duties.